Saturday, 4 May 2013

The Rockband Franchise

As Kiss once said, I wanna rock n’ roll all night… Paul Stanley, pure genius.
If you’re anything like me and love music with a passion, wish you could play an instrument, then Rock Band is right up your alley. With at least eight different releases on 360, primarily, you need to have a fondness for rock music, hence the title. Lego Rock Band is a great kids game, the only attraction for adults is a new set list to play, unless your a manchild still into the 1980′s Lego craze. And that’s where we’ll start.

1301487806-00Unless your under 12 years old, or desperate for anything to strum your guitar to, give the Lego Rock Band games a miss. Even the song list isn’t worth it unless you like pop songs. With tracks from P!nk, Carl Douglas of Kung Fu Fighting fame, The Jackson 5 and one hit wonder, Ray Parker Jr. Really, how many times can one person play Ghostbusters without the neighbours complaining, ‘there goes the neighbourhood’. Even when it was released, it wasn’t cool, and it definitely isn’t now.
Besides the crap playlist, the graphics are so poor, a 12 year old could have been involved with the design. But, they’re Lego men, yes, but you would expect it to be slightly cuter. Sadly, no.
Like with the rest of the franchise, you can use your microphone, guitar or drum kit and you can play with up to four kiddies, but once your lead singer starts licking their microphone like David Lee Roth, pack it away.

1226059865-00Get out your spandex, it’s time to rock on.
The original, and still the best. The first Rock Band release is still a hit with all the kids. I’d buy it purely to be able to play Dead or Alive, by Bon Jovi. As a young chicklette back in the late 80′s, I had the shaggy Bon Jovi hair. Surprising, I know, considering I was into New Kids on the Block at the time.
When this game when released, it blew Guitar Hero out of the water. It was edgier, and with rock anthems from The Police, The Strokes, Metallica, Nirvana and Kiss, you’ll whip out your guitar so fast, your liable to knock out your housemates… Or mother.
Rock Band has endless amounts of downloadable songs, but they all come at a cost. With song packs so delicious, you’ll need to FIFA hack xbox live accounts just to get your hands on some points to purchase, but it’ll be well worth it. (I do not endorse hacking in any form, just putting it out there.)

Ohh, how I love a rocking Acca Dacca song, and with a live playlist, this trackpack game release will have you reaching for your pageboy hat and private school uniform. The Geeky Gamer and I would both rock out to this one, and who wouldn’t? With Thunderstruck, Jailbreak and High Voltage, and I’m not even a true ACDC fan.

The ACDC Rockband is fun. My only issue is that you’ll find yourself missing notes, trying to sing along at the same time. Just ask the Geeky Gamer, and I can still kick his sulking behind.

After the success of the original Rockband, the franchise just kept expanding… Sadly. Harmonix went on to release The Beatles Rockband, Greenday, and Rockband 2 and 3. All with one or two popular songs, mixed in with dodgy one hit wonders that I wouldn’t even dream of singing in the shower. Of course, it all depends on your musical tastes, and if you have none, then they might just float your boat.

Like most franchise releases, whether it be movies or even games, the original is still the best.

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