Sunday, 19 May 2013

Medal Of Honor

Tier 1 Operations 

Lead a new breed of warrior in an adrenaline fueled single player campaign developed with elite tier 1 operatives and inspired by real events.
Fight today's war, battle your way through Afghanistan using the overwhelming force of a large, mobilized military and the surgical precision of Tier 1 operators.

Developed by EA, Dangerclose and Dice, this modern Medal of Honor breaks the typical, and let's face it, old mold set in world war 2. You're part of the elite of the elite, the best and bravest the US military juggernaut has to offer, battling Al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan.

You play as Rabbit, an elite Tier 1 operative. The game begins shortly after the 911 attacks on The United States of America. You will have to take and hold Bagram airfield located north of Kabul, sniping from afar to support friendly troops, take control of the gunner in an AH-64D Apache gunship helicopter.

Genuine Tier 1 operatives helped to develop certain parts of this title, obviously they couldn't release classified details or operational details of missions, but mission activities such as the clearing of building tactics, camouflage, where pouches are located, attachments of weapons and their genuine, real to life ranging, and so forth. There were some missions that are inspired by actual events that went into the game, but everything was approved by the Tier 1 guys before it was put in the final game. 

This enhances the story, characters and depth of the games emotions they are attempting to portray. The graphics were not sacrificed at all, squeezing every ounce of graphics power out from the Frostbite engine. Explosions look real, shooting debris, rocks, shrapnel and dust everywhere, this is most prevalent during fire support from the AC-130, to take out embedded Al-Qaeda camps.


There's also a Tier 1 mode for the game, meaning there will be no respawning, once your soldier dies, you'll need to restart. Each mission, you have only a certain amount of ammo, you do not heal between missions either, which makes gameplay especially hard. You can compare your score against friends, or see how you stack up against the rest of the world.

The music within the game is climatic and the developer makes great use of it in the critical moments of the story. This game will have you playing it over and over again, with a great representation of the current war in Afghanistan, and the fact that most of the missions are based on real events makes it much more enjoyable for the audience.     

I enjoyed playing the multiplayer, but online players are too few and far between, and you'll find yourself with a lengthy wait. However for me, it's all about the story and this one is very powerful and relevant to our time. It's good to see there's no World War 2 setting, which I believe has been done to death.

This is a great game to buy, I know it's a bit older now, but trust me, it's one you will play over and over again and you'll likely get Medal of Honor at a bargain price.


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