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Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution

Build. Discover. Dominate & Inspire.

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Lead your civilization from the dawn of man to the space age and beyond, in an all-new Civilization created exclusively for console. Go head to head with history’s greatest leaders as you wage war, conduct diplomacy, discover new technologies and build the most powerful empire the world has ever known.

In this exclusive console game of the popular Civilizations brand brought to us by Sid Meier, you can choose from the most powerful, influential and revered leaders throughout human history as we know it. The civilizations to choose from are, Arabic, American, Aztec, China, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Greece, India, Japan, Mongols, Rome, Russia, Spain and Zulu, all of which have their individual bonuses and attributes.

There are three ways to win at this funky retro cartoon take on the popular franchise they are as follows; Domination -  I think this is obvious, take over the world by defeating the other civilizations of the world and taking control of three other capitals.

ingame 2

Cultural victory -  You can win this mode by amassing great people from different skill sets, some of these people include Aristotle, from the Arts/Thinkers panel. Then Leonardo da Vinci from the builders panel, Tippu Sultan from the Explorer/Industrialist panel, Florence Nightingale from the humanitarian panel and lastly Pythagoras from the great leaders panel. This is just to name one of many from each panel, they can either be put to work or rush to finish whatever project that particular city is working on. But be warned, this will kill the great person aiding you, and I would not recommend that course of action.

Economic victory – This is won by amassing a massive 20 thousand gold within your treasury and then you will have the option to build the world bank. But this option is not available to any civilization until it meets the requirement of 20 thousand gold in the empires coffers. This is a particularly hard feat to achieve whist waging a fierce and bloody war with the annoying neighbors, who wont keep down the noise at night.

ingame 1 

Technology victory – My personal favorite, and it’s the hardest to achieve without killing all of your great people and getting a leg up with wonders of the world. It is achieved by learning all the necessary tech to launch space craft into orbit, where you can add parts as you try to send humanity to our nearest star Alpha Centauri. To increase the likelihood of reaching Alpha Centauri before your enemies do, I personally recommend you have a back up of everything for your space craft, and its worth spending a little more time in turns to make the craft faster, so you will be assured victory once you launch. Having said that, you will not achieve victory until your space craft arrives at the Alpha Centauri system.


There are at random artifacts placed throughout the world, and not all in one world at a time. They’ll give you anything from temples to be constructed in all the cities you control, lost knowledge, this will instantly teach you a few items on the tech tree for example, ceremonial burial, mathematics or even writing. These are a extremely powerful advantage, and should be a top priority to search and recover these lost treasures.

This game is a turn based strategy and it play as one would not expect, the re-playability is massive and it’s really fun, no matter your level of skill. This game is ideal for party playing or even when you just want to kick back and play a relaxing game after work. The graphics are a little cartoonish, but it actually suits the layout of the game.


Controls for a game of the genre on consoles have typically been terrible. However, Civilizations Revolution has broken that stigma. With easy controls, anyone of any skill level can pick up the gameplay very quickly and even though it was released in June 2008, I find it to be one of my all time re-playable games.

I rate this game 8.5 / 10

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