Saturday, 24 August 2013


I love picking.

Not in the vulgar sense in which men do, but finding a bargain, a diamond in the rough, bagging a bargain, and other various motivational one liners that depict my love for shopping. What better way to combine shopping, looking through junk and making a quick faux buck? Pickers is right up your shopping aisle.

If you're a lover of American Pickers, Canadian Pickers, Aussie Pickers or the Antiques Roadshow, you'll simply love Pickers. The aim of the game is to visit various sites such as basements, small country traders, even junkyards, and find hidden gems to sell. You have thirty days to turn over your items via sale or auction within your virtual store. Your goal? To have the biggest turnover at the end of the month.

You'll visit sites such as Ray Akins bus, and simply click on items that catch your eye. You'll be tipped off at the start of each new day of picking, to which items are currently trending. If you're able to find seven items that come under that category, you'll receive a bonus that will add onto your turnover. You don't need to grab all seven items at the one location, you can visit any of the unlocked locations in one day. The day coming to a close when you've purchased your seven items, and head back to your store, Rusted Gold.

Once you've picked your items, it's time to haggle. Most inhabitants of each location will want top dollar for their wares, but the savvy picker will need to use common sense of what each item is worth. The more purchased at the one location, the more you can haggle for a lower price. You also have an expert on hand, and can ask what the item's possible worth is and how much potential profit it may provide. Some items will be in poor or unrestored condition, but can be restored back at Rusted Gold for a small fee. Incomplete items are popular with the market, but you will need to find both pieces before selling, in order to make a healthy profit.

At each location, you'll find mini treasure hunts, such as the one above. Clicking and marking off items on the list provided, and receiving a small finders fee for each piece. Often the end reward is far greater, obtaining a free and often rare item for your store. 

Pickers is a simple game that you can save at any point, making it great for those who can't spend hours playing. It's certainly addictive and provides various levels from the amateur or casual picker, right up to the professional level. There is nothing quite like finding a bargain... Even virtually. Even click happy kids will find this entertaining.

7 / 10 Divalicious stars.

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