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Stranded on an island at the edge of the world, your friends are taken captive, and psychotic warlords are on your trail. Fighting to escape this beautiful but dangerous paradise, you'll have to confront who you really are....

A tropical Island holiday with friends and family went horribly wrong, in a world of beauty a hidden darkness lies waiting like a coiled snake to strike.

You'll be at the mercy of the most feared and deadly creatures known to humanity and then there's the islands inhabitants, who are just insane. Some of these creatures are what I have faced, after leisurely strolling through the jungle they are as follows;

Snakes, Saltwater Crocodiles, Bull Sharks, Leopards, Samaritan Tigers, Komodo Dragons, Cassowarys, Goats, Boars, Pigs and Rabid Dogs. What makes this interesting, is that not only are you hunting, you're also the hunted. You will have to stalk your prey, be it a Goat or Boar. But be on guard, because in an instant and from nowhere, you may be attacked by a pack of Komodo Dragons or even a ferocious Tiger. So this is fair warning, you are NOT king of the jungle, so play it safe out there, stay frosty and you might survive.

You'll have to craft wallets, ammunition pouches and weapon holsters. This is achieved by the above... Hunting animals and skinning them to get the materials you need to create, for example, an arrow quiver to hold your arrows. If you have an excess of skinned hides, you can sell the items you don't want at the local village store.

The locals are mostly people of Islander origin, some of which are Rakyat tribal warriors, fighting off the pirates that threaten their way of life. They are terrorized with a multitude of horrible crimes, including drug manufacturing and trafficking, slave trading and mass murder, just to name a few.

The story starts with the hero Jason Brody, who is a young man feeling directionless in his life and unsure of what essence eludes him. The fearless, and athletically apt Jason is perfect for the jungle warfare that awaits him on Rook Island. On holiday with friends and his brothers, Jason quickly finds himself and his brother captive by pirates, you struggle and manage to escape, but at a massive cost to Jason Brody. The most insane member of the pirate faction is Vass, who clearly struggles with multiple drug addictions and is on a dangerous downward spiral into complete and utter madness. Because of this, he makes one fatal mistake.. He lets you live. Make him regret that decision and make him pay. 

As the storyline progresses, you'll find your self tripping out more than a hippie at Woodstock. This has to be the most psychedelic tripped out game that I have played on a long, long time, caused by the Rakyat ceremonies that are initiated by Citra the warrior Goddess of the Rakyat. Drinking the poison will induce the ceremony and some really weird stuff will unfold before your eyes, but I'm not about to spoil the surprises that await the hardy naturalist adventurer, who dares for confrontation in the wild.

The heavily modified Dunia graphics engine, which uses Cry-Engine as a base, performs flawlessly to bring Rook Island to life in all its beauty. From dizzying the heights in hang gliders, or swimming in the crystal clear waters, the graphics details are incredible. However, this game is not just all polish and no substance. You can, and probably will, loose yourself within the jungles of Rook Island for many hours on end hunting and gathering, as this is a major part of the upgrade system.

Multiplayer is fun, and simple enough to navigate for gamers familiar with FPS (First Person Shooter) platforms. Finding a match here in Australia can be difficult at the best of times, but each time I connect, I manage to find a decent session with little to no lag whatsoever. Included with Far Cry 3 is a map editor, so you can create endless maps to challenge your mates.

The overall realism of the latest game in the Far Cry series, cements it's spot in the rankings of my all time favorite games. The best thing, in my opinion, about this game, is the sheer immersion that it can make you feel. This is by no small part, achieved by using stunning graphics and sound. A deep storyline that in time, may lead you to care about the characters and the fate of the inhabitants of Rook Island.

Did I ever tell you the definition of Insanity? 
No, I just told you where to look...
Far Cry 3


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